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Welcome to The Tao of Wire Members Studio - Join Today!

It’s Here! Live Classes at The Members Studio! Join Me Today!

06 Nov 17
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Announcing the launch of my new interactive online community, The Tao of Wire Members Studio!

For years, I’ve wanted to be able to teach my live classes online, but until recently the technology didn’t match what I envisioned in my mind! Thankfully, it’s now caught up, and as of today, I’m happy to be able to offer classes that you can join from the comfort of your own living room!

The TToW Members Studio is an interactive online community, where you can join other passionate wire jewellers to share and learn!

I’ve spoken and written a lot about my life as a wire artist as being on a journey, one that links my head, my heart and my hands to create beautiful jewelry. My vision with The Tao of Wire has always been to help you on your creative journey. The TToW Members Studio helps me take that to a new level, by letting us talk face to face, in real time.

I have lots of things planned for the Members Studio, beyond classes. You can read about it here.

I look forward to meeting you in the Members Studio!


Reflected Love Earrings Tutorial – Makes Mirror Images Easy!

26 Oct 17
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Have you ever struggled to make earrings in mirror images that match? Many wire artists have told me that they are able to do one side, but just can’t seem to get the other side look completely right. Well, this project is perfect for practising making mirror images – and it’s super easy!

The Reflected Love Earrings were inspired by Claude Monet’s Water Lilies paintings and were originally created for The Year of Jewelry Project in 2017. Earlier this year I did a Facebook Live broadcast demonstrating these earrings, and I’m happy to bring them back now in a new, more complete step-by-step video!

These earrings not only mirror each other from left to right, they match from top to bottom – and all you need to do is pay attention to one critical step!

Give this project a try today, and then share your results!

Check out the Free Library for other project tutorials, tips and videos! Then visit the Lessons Shop to find more projects and video courses. Or, join the Members Studio and get access to the full library, plus live online classes, a vibrant community of passionate wire workers, and personalized feedback when you need it.




Help! I can't find 1/4" masking tape

Help! I can’t find 1/4″ Masking Tape! – One Min./One Tip

25 Nov 16
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In a lot of my videos and tutorials, I recommend using 1/4″ masking tape. I discovered that it’s becoming hard to find, so here are some substitutes.


Check out the other One Min./One Tip videos here.


Foundation Skills: Introduction to Wire Jewelry - Course 1 - The Tao of Wire

Free Course – Foundation Skills: Introduction to Wire Jewelry launches June 29, 2016!

17 Jun 16
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After months of preparation, I’m happy to announce that Foundations Skills: Introduction to Wire Jewelry is now available!!

Episodes 1 to 5 have been on free preview in the Video Library for the past few months.

Now, this free video course is available in its full version!

Register now to start your creative journey!

Foundation Skills: Introduction to Wire Jewelry introduces you to the tools, metals and types of wire you’ll need to start working on your projects. It is intended for beginners, but will also be a good refresher for people who are familiar with wire jewelry.

Topics covered in this course include:

The Sweater Test
Tools Part 1: The 8 Essential Tools
Tools Part 2: More Useful Tools
All About Wire Part 1: Metals
All About Wire Part 2: Shapes, Gauges, Tempers
How to Straighten Wire – 3 Methods
5 Tips for Minimizing Body Strain
Introduction to Square Wire

The course also includes two project videos (S-Link Chain, and Simple Hook/Beaded Hook) that will help you build your confidence in using your tools, and give you pointers on trouble spots you’ll need to watch for!

S-Link Chain - Project 001 Foundation Skills: Introduction to Wire Jewelry - The Tao of Wire

Project 001 S-Link Chain

Simple Hook / Beaded Hook - Project 002 Foundation Skills: Introduction to Wire Jewelry - The Tao of Wire

Project 002 – Simple Hook / Beaded Hook


Register today to start your creative journey!