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Reflected Love Earrings Tutorial – Makes Mirror Images Easy!

26 Oct 17
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Have you ever struggled to make earrings in mirror images that match? Many wire artists have told me that they are able to do one side, but just can’t seem to get the other side look completely right. Well, this project is perfect for practising making mirror images – and it’s super easy!

The Reflected Love Earrings were inspired by Claude Monet’s Water Lilies paintings and were originally created for The Year of Jewelry Project in 2017. Earlier this year I did a Facebook Live broadcast demonstrating these earrings, and I’m happy to bring them back now in a new, more complete step-by-step video!

These earrings not only mirror each other from left to right, they match from top to bottom – and all you need to do is pay attention to one critical step!

Give this project a try today, and then share your results!

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Rose Ear Vine – Free Beginner Project!

28 Sep 17
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Learn how to make this Rose Ear Vine, using square wire, a 4 mm bead and simple tools!

Level of Difficulty: Beginner (Very Easy)

Total run time: 10 min 33 sec.


I’d love to see how your project turned out! Let me know in the comments section below!

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Why You Should (Almost) Never Work off the Coil - The Tao of Wire

Why You Should (Almost) Never Work Off the Coil

04 Apr 17
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Beginner wire workers are often told that it’s okay to work directly off your coil or spool. That’s a bad piece of advice, and in this video, I explain why.

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Foundation Skills: Introduction to Basic Chains – Now Available!

15 Mar 17
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I’m pleased to announce that the next module in the “Foundation Skills” course is now available!

This course carries on from where “Introduction to Wire Jewelry” left off, and features 4 projects (and an exclusive video course only “bonus project”), a work hardening exercise, and tips and tricks for helping you streamline your production flow.

From the course outline:

“Hone your skills working with square wire and basic tools as you learn to make handcrafted cold-joined chains. You’ll learn tricks for speeding up your production. You’ll also learn to spot potential “Sweater Test” problems, and how to ensure your chains are the highest quality you can make. Finally, you’ll make four projects – the Basic Chain, the “Criss Cross” Figure 8 chain, a secure Hook & Eye, and a Butterfly Connector.”

Available now from the Lessons Shop!

Foundation Skills: Introduction to Basic Chains by Dianne Karg Baron, The Tao of Wire, an online video course for beginner wire jewelry