“Can I download a video that I purchased?”

No. Videos are available only via pay-per-view or through purchase of a course or membership for viewing on this site. Find out more about the Members Studio.


“I shared the link for a video I bought with a friend, but she can’t access it. Why?”

Ethics are something I cover in some of the videos, so my response to this question is going to be blunt: sharing a link for a paid video with someone who hasn’t paid for it is theft. I’ve done my best to find ways of making access to the videos affordable. There are lots of free videos that you can share with your friend, and she can subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where I also post free videos. Pay-per-view videos, courses and memberships are locked for viewing on a single device. The fees I collect make it possible for this site to stay up, and for you to continue learning valuable professional wireworking skills.  Accounts that access materials in an abusive manner may be suspended, without refunds.


“Can I get a refund on a pay-per-view video I purchase from you?”

Pay-Per-View videos are offered as fee-based, instant access for a specified rental period. No refund is offered if the video has been accessed or if the specified rental period has expired without access. To prevent this from happening, ONLY BUY AND ACCESS THE VIDEO WHEN YOU HAVE TIME TO WATCH IT.  You may be eligible for a refund if you purchased a video without accessing it, and you contact me before the end of the specified rental period.


“Can I get a refund on a pdf tutorial I purchase from you?”

Tutorials are offered as fee-based, instant download documents. Documents purchased through The Tao of Wire’s website are deemed immediately delivered, and non-returnable or refundable.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of electronic products, it is impossible to definitively confirm that a file has been deleted from a user’s computer and that any back up files and print copies have been destroyed. Therefore, refunds are not available or offered on any The Tao of Wire instant download tutorials.

If you have had problems with your purchase, please contact me, and I’ll do my best to work with you on a resolution.


“Can I get a refund on a course I purchase from you?”

Fee courses are delivered via instant access or drip feed, which means that you’ll get access to the material over several days. Instant access courses are non-refundable. Drip feed courses will specify how many days before the end of the course you’ll have to contact me if you want a refund. If you contact me after that time, no refunds will be given. Please see the Terms & Conditions for your course for more details.


“Can I sell the jewellery I make from your videos and tutorials?”

No. The videos and tutorials on this site are intended for personal use only, to help you tap into your own creativity. Wear them with pride, or give them as gifts, but don’t sell them. Keep practising, changing and developing your own artistic voice. Trust me, nothing compares to being able to tell someone the story behind your piece, when the story is really yours.


“What is the Tip Jar?”

The free videos I post are just that – 100% free! If you got something of particular value from a free video you can let me know through leaving me a tip – essentially a donation – of any amount you choose. Tips help me to keep the costs associated with running this site down, so while they are always appreciated and welcome, there is no obligation to leave a tip – it’s completely voluntary! You can also help by liking, sharing with your friends and commenting on videos that you enjoyed. I always appreciate and respond to comments!

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