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How to Clean Your Tumbler with Flat Coke

09 Nov 17
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If your jewelry isn’t coming out of your tumbler as sparkly and clean as you’d like, it might be time for a deep cleaning. Here’s one way to clean your tumbler.


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My Tragic Breakage Story - Video Diary - The Tao of Wire / Dianne Karg Baron

My Tragic Breakage Story – Video Diary

20 Apr 17
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Work hardening is something you really have to watch out for when you work with wire. In this video diary, I share what happened with one of my projects when I tried to push my wire *just a little* too far.

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Video Diary: Camping with Wire

29 Jul 16
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My family and I love going camping! I still like to be able to bring along some wire projects to work on, but don’t have a lot of space to bring my full kit of tools and wire, so here’s the solution I came up with for travelling light.

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Video Diary: A Memorable Teaching Experience

30 May 16
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I enjoy teaching live classes, but this one in particular stands out.


Are you a Tool Junkie (Quiz) - Video Diary - The Tao of Wire

Video Diary: Are you a Tool Junkie?

28 Aug 15
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Are you a Tool Junkie? Take this quiz and find out!

Top 10 Metalworking Songs - Video Diary - The Tao of Wire

Video Diary: Top 10 Metalworking Songs

04 May 15
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Just for fun, my Top 10 Metal Songs. These are not necessarily about making stuff out of metal, but mention metal or metal objects in the title or the lyrics.

The songs:
1. Gold Dust Woman – Fleetwood Mac
2. You Got the Silver – The Rolling Stones
3. Brass in Pocket – The Pretenders
4. Golden Years – David Bowie
5. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – The Beatles
6. Hammer to Fall – Queen
7. Heart of Gold – Neil Young
8. Platinum – Mike Oldfield
9. Copperline – James Taylor
10. Between the Hammer & the Anvil – Judas Priest

Do you agree with my list? Got any others to suggest? Let me know in the comments!