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My Tumbler Left Gunk on my Jewelry! 1 Minute 1 Tip on

My Tumbler Left Gunk on my Jewelry! – 1 Min/1 Tip

12 Oct 17
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Is your jewelry coming out of the tumbler covered in sticky sludge or gunk? Here’s how to clean you jewelry.


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Improve your wire control on a ring mandrel - 1 minute, 1 tip video

Improve Your Wire Control on a Ring Mandrel

15 Sep 17
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If you’ve ever had trouble with trying to make coiled wire on a ring mandrel, this video will show you a 4 finger hold for maintaining wire control and avoiding springback.

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Help! I can't find 1/4" masking tape

Help! I can’t find 1/4″ Masking Tape! – One Min./One Tip

25 Nov 16
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In a lot of my videos and tutorials, I recommend using 1/4″ masking tape. I discovered that it’s becoming hard to find, so here are some substitutes.


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