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Random Tao Tuesday!

26 Apr 17
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Having a creative block? Don’t know where to start a new design?
Try some Random Tao!

Sometimes, the best way to get unstuck is to just start off in a direction – any direction – and see where it takes you. With The Mandalas of Design Tao randomizing your choices, you can let your mind go and let the Universe decide the next step on your creative journey!

Choose to spin one wheel, or spin more. Trust that you will get the right starting point for a project that you’ll end up enjoying or learning a lot from!

Join me for Random Tao Tuesday, broadcast live in the TToW Members Studio Facebook Group.

Ready to begin? Okay, first take a deep breath.

First, pick a shape:

This is the shape your design should incorporate as a main feature. It can be a stone, or a repetitive element, or whatever you choose.


You can stop there, or keep going. Next pick a type of jewelry:

This is the finished piece you’ll be designing.


Stop there, or keep going. Next pick a colour:

This is the main colour of your design. You can choose to add other colours, but this is the one you will focus on.


Stop there, or keep going. Next pick a colour scheme (using your main colour choice):

Learn more about colour schemes here.


Stop there, or choose one more. Pick who you are designing for:



Have fun, and let me know what your spin(s) gave you in the comments section below!