The Tao of Wire

Start your creative journey here! The Tao of Wire is a step-by-step video series and online community to help you discover your own creative voice through making wire jewelry. Learn to master techniques for making wire jewelry that emphasize professional practices and results. Join Dianne Karg Baron as she shows you how to make wire jewelry that you are proud to wear, give and sell. With over 15 years of teaching experience, Dianne's methods have helped students at all stages of their metalworking careers improve their skills.

Video Tutorials

Shot from your perspective, with close ups and lots of details. Start with foundation skills and then build your abilities with projects that help you develop an eye for details.

PDF Tutorials

Step by Step tutorials with clear photos and instructions will guide you through the process of making jewellery you’ll be proud to wear and share.

Live Interactive Classes

Learn from the comfort of your own living room with live interactive online classes. Join the Members Studio, a community of passionate wire jewellers!


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How to Clean Your Tumbler with Flat Coke

If your jewelry isn’t coming out of your tumbler

09 Nov 17 dianne
Welcome to The Tao of Wire Members Studio - Join Today!

It’s Here! Live Classes at The Members Studio! Join Me Today!

Announcing the launch of my new interactive online comm

06 Nov 17 dianne

Reflected Love Earrings Tutorial – Makes Mirror Images Easy!

  Have you ever struggled to make earrings in mirr

26 Oct 17 dianne
My Tumbler Left Gunk on my Jewelry! 1 Minute 1 Tip on

My Tumbler Left Gunk on my Jewelry! – 1 Min/1 Tip

Is your jewelry coming out of the tumbler covered in st

12 Oct 17 dianne

Rose Ear Vine – Free Beginner Project!

Learn how to make this Rose Ear Vine, using square wire

28 Sep 17 dianne
Improve your wire control on a ring mandrel - 1 minute, 1 tip video

Improve Your Wire Control on a Ring Mandrel

If you’ve ever had trouble with trying to make co

15 Sep 17 dianne

Random Tao Tuesday!

Having a creative block? Don’t know where to star

26 Apr 17 dianne
My Tragic Breakage Story - Video Diary - The Tao of Wire / Dianne Karg Baron

My Tragic Breakage Story – Video Diary

Work hardening is something you really have to watch ou

20 Apr 17 dianne
Why You Should (Almost) Never Work off the Coil - The Tao of Wire

Why You Should (Almost) Never Work Off the Coil

Beginner wire workers are often told that it’s ok

04 Apr 17 dianne

Foundation Skills: Introduction to Basic Chains – Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that the next module in t

15 Mar 17 dianne
Spotted on Pinterest: Jewelry Made from my Tutorials - Dianne Karg Baron, The Tao of Wire, Illusion Prong Ring

Spotted: On Pinterest

I was prowling around on Pinterest and discovered this

13 Mar 17 dianne
Help! I can't find 1/4" masking tape

Help! I can’t find 1/4″ Masking Tape! – One Min./One Tip

In a lot of my videos and tutorials, I recommend using

25 Nov 16 dianne

Spotted: On My Head

Via Instagram:

18 Aug 16 dianne

Video Diary: Camping with Wire

My family and I love going camping! I still like to be

29 Jul 16 dianne
Foundation Skills: Introduction to Wire Jewelry - Course 1 - The Tao of Wire
17 Jun 16 dianne

Video Diary: A Memorable Teaching Experience

I enjoy teaching live classes, but this one in particul

30 May 16 dianne
Can you spot the off square wire? - Episode 8 Supplemental - The Tao of Wire

Spot the Off-Square

In Episode 8 – Introduction to Square Wire (inclu

13 Apr 16 dianne
All About Wire - Part 2: Shapes, Gauges & Tempers - Episode 5 - The Tao of Wire

Episode 5: All About Wire, Part 2 – Shapes, Gauges & Tempers

What wire should you choose for your project? In this e

21 Dec 15 dianne
All About Wire, Part 1 - Metals - Episode 4 - The Tao of Wire

Episode 4: All About Wire, Part 1 – Metals

Now that you have your tools, the next step is to choos

03 Dec 15 dianne

Online Forums, Copying and The Missed Opportunity

“If you don’t want your work copied, don’t post i

09 Oct 15 dianne
More Useful Tools for Wireworking - Episode 3 - The Tao of Wire

Episode 3: Tools, Part 2 – More Useful Tools for Wireworking

You’ve got the Essential 8 Tools. So what should

28 Sep 15 dianne
The 8 Essential Tools for Wireworking - Episode 2 - The Tao of Wire

Episode 2: Tools, Part 1 – The 8 Essential Tools for Wireworking

What tools do you need when you’re first getting

28 Aug 15 dianne
Are you a Tool Junkie (Quiz) - Video Diary - The Tao of Wire

Video Diary: Are you a Tool Junkie?

Are you a Tool Junkie? Take this quiz and find out!

28 Aug 15 dianne
Top 10 Metalworking Songs - Video Diary - The Tao of Wire

Video Diary: Top 10 Metalworking Songs

Just for fun, my Top 10 Metal Songs. These are not nec

04 May 15 dianne

A Favourite Supplier – Rio Grande

Rio Grande is one of my favourite suppliers, and one I

03 May 15 dianne
Review: Beautiful Wire Jewelry by Heidi Boyd, on

Review: “Beautiful Wirework Jewelry” by Heidi Boyd, on Craftsy

I’m interested in emphasizing best practices in

20 Apr 15 dianne

In The Studio – The Standard Form Ring (Time Lapse)

Just for fun – a time-lapse video of me construct

07 Jan 15 dianne
The Sweater Test - Episode 1 - The Tao of Wire

Episode 1: The Sweater Test

Does your jewellery pass The Sweater Test? Does it catc

12 Nov 14 dianne